Saturday, 23 March 2019


We are currently at the early planning stages of our new itinerary, so stay tuned to this blog or follow our Insta page ( @422cf ) for the Custard Factory artists' 2019 activities.

Thursday, 6 December 2018


If you're in the Birmingham / Midlands area, why not come to the Custard Factory tomorrow ( Friday 7th December ), and meet the artists? We have Lucy Fiona Morrison ( well-known landscape artist, as seen on TV ), Stephen Earl Rogers ( internationally-renowned portrait artist ), myself and Laura Rhodes ( photographer ). Go to reception and we'll meet you.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018



After the success of our Open Studios in the summer, and aided by the magical 422 number, we have decided to do a run-up-to-Christmas event, where we will be selling various artworks and crafts for £42.20. 

Or maybe £4.22? 

Or perhaps even £4,220..? 

Either way, there will be some nicely affordable pieces to nab for that special person in time for the holiday season! 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Well, Custard Factory Open Studios concluded successfully last weekend. We had a great time and due to the strong turnout, we are already talking about throwing our doors open sometime before Christmas 2018. 

Thanks to everyone who came!

Below, #422 Headquarters: Our Meeting Room served as the main hub and refreshment area for people visiting our 4th floor studios. Many cold beers were handed out on what has been one of the hottest weekends of a long, hot summer.

Watch this space!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


UPDATE: One of our artists, Joyce Treasure, will be curating the music for the event, and invites you to bring your classic vinyl!

Thursday, 26 July 2018


''depicting the alluring romanticism of nature''

Having graduated from Norwich School of Art in 2010, I have pursued my passion for painting, working as a professional artist and painter in the UK. British landscapes, often depicting the alluring romanticism of nature are my inherent strand of oil works, created using traditional methods of paint-making and application.

Career highlights include exhibiting at The Other Art Fair, Bristol, Art Fair East, Norwich, The Great Yorkshire Show, Harrogate, The Brick Lane Gallery, London. My paintings are represented by Gallery 104, New York, USA and held in private collections Internationally.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018


''I developed naturally towards abstraction''

Above: Woman Disrobing, Pen & Ink, 2013

After college, I started out doing figurative and illustrative art, and even got signed to a big agency, but I eventually realised that the kind of art that I wanted to explore had little to do with commercial considerations.

Above: Controlled Explosion, Acrylic on Canvas, 76cm x 101cm, 2015

Influenced by movements such as Cubism ( Picasso and Braque ), Bauhaus and the Dutch Avant-Garde ( Kandinsky and Mondrian ), I developed naturally towards abstraction. 

For me, less is more. I'm not saying I have achieved 'less is more', but it is something that I am constantly aiming for. In that way, I am inspired by the elegance and skill of Japanese art, and although you may not necessarily see that in my work, it's not the goal, it's the journey getting there that matters to me.

I share my studio with fellow painter Zarina Keyani, and we often use our wall space to exhibit work by friends from our art collective The Cobalt Blue.

Below: Studio Wall, also featuring work by Zarina Keyani ( bottom left and bottom right ).

I have exhibited in Japan, Greece and the UK, and have clients in various parts of the USA.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


''a collection of mixed media drawings especially created for Birmingham Open Studios''

Having completed my first year as a mature student studying Black Studies at Birmingham City University, I feel the creative need to expand my studies into my artwork. 

Black identity is a theme that runs through my work, as I’m interested how as Black people we form a sense of who we are. 

Below: #7 in the Hymn series, graphite / mixed media / collage

Hymns is a collection of mixed media drawings especially created for Birmingham Open Studios: Portraits of civil right leaders and people that I have sourced from the internet have been drawn on to hymn pages. I use these portraits to splice cultural and iconic imagery together over symbols of power and hierarchy by using collage, graphite, ink and acrylic.

I am interested in making enquiries into our visual, historic backdrops; the examined and unexamined, the seen and the unseen. My work also uses symbols of colonialism to view how patriarchy often underpins and exploits society and how this too can influences our psyche.

Thursday, 19 July 2018


''It will take many years to be named a Master Craftsman, but that is OK with me''

I am Mahesh, Founder of Parshotam and Sons Ltd.  Parshotam was my Grandfathers name, pronounced Pur-sho-tum. 

It is with his background and our ancestor’s heritage of being cobblers, known as Mochi's within the Gujarat, India, that has inspired me to be an owner and creator of a brand. 

I graduated in 2007 from Coventry University in Graphic Design. I worked within the Graphics industry for twelve years, owned a business in the field for two years, and in between went backpacking around the world to six different countries in a year.   

That journey was the most inspiring for me, seeing Mother Nature, such beautiful cultures and experiencing different lifestyles that are unimaginable from the concrete jungle that we live in today. Suddenly my desire to find job satisfaction was at the forefront of every thought, footstep and experience. Graphic Design was no longer for me.

I believe my hands were designed to physically draw on paper, cut with blades and stitch with needles to create what I can only say is the most soul satisfying notion called Leather Craft, one of a few names given artisans in the trade. 

Traditional craft meets modern sensibility ( below ).
Since 2013 I’ve learnt the skills of saddle stitching, cutting, dying, studying hides of leather and its properties, pattern making and all the techniques used in the process of crafting leather goods with traditional tools.

It will take many years to be named a Master Craftsman, but that is ok with me because being the best at something means you've stopped learning. Change is the constant.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018


''a vivid sense of character and atmosphere''

Stephen Earl Rogers is an artist with work held in collections across the world. He is a highly sought-after portrait painter whose clients include international art collectors, public institutions, private individuals and families. 

Below: Portrait of Esther, Oil on A5 board

Working mainly in oils, he creates striking contemporary portraits through a highly collaborative process.  His work brings together a deep understanding of the traditions of portraiture with a very broad range of cultural references. Stephen's clients are drawn to a vivid sense of character and atmosphere and the clarity of colour and light present in all of his paintings.

Below: Miss Davies

Over the last decade Stephen has also created several collections of work that sit outside the parameters of portrait painting. His latest collection, the ‘Stirchley Twitcher’, brings together images of birds in their natural habitat with a rich and varied range of representations from different cultural contexts, including tapestries, ceramics and historical artefacts. These are vividly coloured and detailed works that employ a broad range of painting techniques.

Below: Stirchley Twitcher - Migrants

Below: Moped ( Work In Progress ).

Instagram:  stephen_earlrogers

T : 07743 195692

E :


''blurring the line between visual designer and artist''

Currently studying for an MA in Visual Communication (Experimental Communication) at the Royal College of Art, I don’t quite fit into any of the usual industry moulds, blurring the line between visual designer and artist. Sometimes this helps, sometimes it hinders, but I enjoy the creative freedom it gives me.

My work often includes the manipulation and adaptation of old tech in order to create my visuals. As a result my work focuses mainly on experimental photography, experimental film, light installations and interactive visual pieces.

I’m not a big fan of working with digital, VR, AR etc. I choose to work predominantly with analogue, preferring the natural and sometimes unexpected results you can achieve. Results that are very different from the visual noise of domineering corporate imagery.

Recently, I have completed work for the Royal College of Music, BUPA Great Run and TED Talks, with work displayed at the Mexican Institute of Design